About the CMSA Portal

Prior to April 2024, The CMSA website was a single site that performed two main functions:

    • Providing a web presence and publishing function for The Colleges of Medicine of South Africa
    • Providing an online facility for Colleges of Medicine of South Africa examination candidates to register for and process examination applications

As more and more functionality was added to both the publishing aspect of the site, as well as the examinations applications and processing part, it was decided that these two distinct functions should be separated to allow for a more specialised user experience for both parts.

As a CMSA examinations candidate, member, examiner or other affiliated user, you may access restricted and personalised content from The Colleges of Medicine appropriate to your affiliation with The CMSA.

Therefore, the publishing function of the website has now been separated into a new, revamped site that can be accessed at cmsa.co.za while the examinations applications functionality has been moved to portal.cmsa.co.za.

Both sites are still closely linked and it is anticipated that users authenticated at this portal site will be able to access restricted and tailored content on the publishing site as well as being able to perform more user-specific functions on the portal site.

Current Portal Functionality

At the time of launch (April 2024) the portal is still only accesible to examinations candidates who have registered a profile on the CMSA website, however, as the portal is developed, content and functionality will be added for examiners, members and other categories of users.

If you fall into one of the above categories, and have not yet done so, feel free to register a profile on the system. Currently this is aimed at examinations candidates, but will soon be expanded to include profiles for other categories of users mentioned above.

How is this different from The CMSA Public Website?

The CMSA Portal site is the site that manages user profiles and authenticates for registered user-linked content. The public website is for publishing news and information that is accessible to all, not just limited to restricted or user-linked content.

You may move freely between the sites and access content on either site, but unless you have registered a profile on the portal and authenticated yourself, certain content and features will be inaccessible to you.

Please be patient as the Portal is still in development

For any queries or suggestions, please contact the webmaster.

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Examination Contact Information

  • Mrs Yolokazi Kanzi, Academic Registrar
  • The Colleges of Medicine of South Africa
  • Private Bag X23, Braamfontein, 2017
  • Tel: +27 (0)11 726 7037
  • Email: academic.registrar@cmsa.co.za